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Sands Medical Grade Skincare

One main complaints I hear from clients is: “I have acne so I visited the esthetician, my skin felt nice but didn’t really help the acne, I then decided to go to the dermatologist and finally my acne is gone but my skin looks dry and rough. I’m not happy, do I need to visit the esthetician again?”

Well, if this experience is similar to yours, you didn’t research well. There are differences between estheticians and medical estheticians as well as dermatologists and aesthetic dermatologists. If you visit one of the latter respectively, you won’t regret it.

The aesthetic dermatologist and medical esthetician focuses on results and healthy beautiful skin. Patients can get facials specialized to their specific skincare needs while avoiding products that might agitate skin sensitivities or allergies.

So, what do skincare experts use to make their treatments successful? They use Medical grade skincare products! Medical grade, not just during the professional treatment but medical grade products for homecare as well.

I tell my clients, treatments are a team effort between the client and the aesthetic professional. The professional will use the highest quality medical grade products during treatment, so what will you use post treatment? Who will guide you for the several weeks before you meet your professional again?

There are medical grade skincare products on the market, but which is the right one? For the answer, take a look at the formula and determine who made it. If it’s made by aesthetic dermatologists than you are on the right track!

Aesthetic dermatologists are at the forefront of Sands Advanced Skincare’s product formulation, they guarantee that the best quality medical grade ingredients are being used.

Sands Advanced Skincare offers a full line of clinically advanced, safe, and effective formulations that perfectly meet the cosmetic needs of the skin from the professional approach of medical cosmetics. Formulated specially to improve the appearance and quality of the skin.

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