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This year we wish you to be your best version of yourself.

Pamper and take care of yourself. Follow our Tips to achieve your goals and don’t give up half way there.

1. Accountability

Year after year we abandon our resolutions without looking back. We suggest you write down your goals for 2021 in your personal calendar (look at them daily). Reach your goals with simple repetitive actions that end up becoming habits.

2. In expert hands

Schedule monthly visits with your Aesthetic Dermatologist or Medical Esthetician and get treatments that you cannot get at home. A skin diagnosis is essential for assessing the skins condition and recommending necessary treatments.

3. The most important step: cleansing

A Skin free of imperfections is the first step to begin caring for your skin. Cleanse your skin twice a day: morning and night. Try Sands Chamomile Facial Cleanser or Sands Salicylic Face and Body Wash

4. Exfoliate

This step is one of the most valuable skincare routine because it eliminates dead cells which will prevent the appearance of imperfections and improve the skin’s micro-circulation. There are several types of exfoliators depending on your needs. Find yours!

I recommend Sands ResurFACE Crème once or twice a week. Sands ResurFACE Crème is a botanical skin-buffing cream infused with algae particles which can be used as an at-home microdermabrasion treatment.

5. Treat your eye contour

Whether or not eyes truly are the window to the soul, they’re certainly the first place most people look when they meet one another. (the other is shoes) They’re also one of the first (and most noticeable) places to show signs of age, exhaustion, and stress. Luckily, a well-formulated eye treatment can make all the difference. Pamper your eye contour with Sands Ultra Benefits® Eye Gel.

6. Pamper you lip contour

Our Lips are also our presentation, I can describe them like, they are the jewel of our face. That’s why they have to look healthy and gorgeous. I would like to tell a little anecdote, one day I was walking at the street when I heard someone say to me “what beautiful lips, they look like an art painting” I melted lol.

Pamper your Lips by exfoliating them with Sands ResurFACE Crème and then hydrate them with Sands Lip Benefits®

7. Spa Day Masks:

Choose a day, once a week for yourself. Relax and apply a Sands O2 Lift Mask for at least 20 minutes. I recommend weekends so you can start your Monday with a radiant face full of energy.

8. Unforgettable areas: Neck, Décolletage, Hands and Body

There are areas of our body that can reveal our age or even make us look older: yes! Our neck, décolletage and hands or any area of our body. Apply everyday Sands Restorative Body Conditioner.

9. Protect from 3 Skin Enemies: UVA-UVB- HEV

Protect your Skin from the UVA/UVB rays and high-energy visible (HEV) light using our complete sunscreen Sands Ultra Replenishing Sunscreen SPF 40.

10. The whole body care

Don’t forget to hydrate your body with around two liters of water daily and get a little exercise, practice some sport, or walk 30 minutes each day for overall health.

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