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#5 Eye Treatment

Whether or not eyes truly are the window to the soul, they’re certainly the first place most people look when they meet one another. They’re also one of the first (and most noticeable) places to show signs of age, exhaustion, and stress. Luckily, a well-formulated eye cream can make all the difference.

Higher-Maintenance Skin

Dermatologically speaking, the eye area has substantially less subcutaneous fat, fewer oil glands, and less collagen compared to other areas of the face. This creates unique issues, such as:

  • Eye bags: Puffy eyes are due to fluid buildup caused by poor drainage and fragile capillaries, which then leaks into surrounding tissues and produces bags.

  • Hollows: With age, collagen production in the skin slows down, resulting in a loss of volume and a “sunken” effect around the orbital bone and tear troughs.

  • Sagging: Skin elasticity also changes over time, which commonly leads to drooping at the lower eyelid, the outer corner of the eye, and below the brow bone.

  • Dark circles: Delicate undereye skin is thinner and more translucent, making darker subdermal features (like blood vessels) more noticeable. This effect increases with stress or lack of sleep, which tend to worsen circulation and cause capillary breakage.

  • Crepey skin: With less oils to condition and seal in moisture, the already thin skin around the eyes is more susceptible to trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) that contributes to dry, crepey texture.

  • Creasing the eyes are a very high-mobility area with near-constant muscle movement under the skin, which results in the formation of dynamic lines and wrinkles over time.

Why Use a Separate Eye Cream?

Although regular face moisturizers can work for the eye area, eye-specific treatments take it even further. They’re more concentrated, extra fortifying, and carefully designed to be non-irritating to the eyes themselves. Most importantly, their benefits are precisely tailored to your eye’s particular needs, including:

* Tightening (for eye bags)

* Brightening (for darkness/discoloration)

* Contouring (for hollows)

* Firming (for sagging)

* Hydration (for dryness)

* Conditioning (for crepiness)

* Rejuvenation (for lines and wrinkles)

* Protection (for damage prevention)

Choosing an Eye Product

Although both of our multitasking formulas moisturize, minimize dark circles, smooth, and firm skin, each one is customized to address specific concerns.

For puffy, tired-looking, or shadowed undereyes:

* Sands Ultra Firming Eye with fortifying Active Peptide Complex and Sea Whip extracts to deliver 360° skin tightening and recontouring.

For signs of aging like crow’s feet, crepey texture, and dark spots:

*Sands Ultra Benefits® Eye Gel with antioxidant Lipochroman® and Antarctic algae to fight the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and other photodamage.

Key Tips

Like all skincare products, it’s important to know when, where, and how to use eye treatments to achieve best results — especially because of the proximity of the eyes.

  1. Use eye cream when you use regular moisturizer. Recommended both AM & PM, eye treatments go at the middle of your skincare routine after cleanser, toner, etc and before serums, etc. (The exception is sunscreen, which should be the last step.)

  2. Around the eyes, not on them. Place along the orbital bones underneath the eyes and up to the temples. Avoid the lash line, tear ducts, and upper lids.

  3. Apply with a gentle hand. Lightly pat the cream in with your ring finger, rather than rubbing or pressing, to avoid stretching the delicate tissue.

  4. More doesn’t necessarily mean better. There’s a reason eye products come in a smaller size; generally, a pea-sized amount is enough for both eyes.

  5. Wait 1-2 minutes before putting makeup on. If the cream hasn’t absorbed enough into your skin, it may cause cosmetic products to cake, crease, or slip.


Notice the difference after a few months using a clinical strength rejuvenating eye cream. With just one additional step, your expression will begin to appear noticeably younger, happier, and more alert — and likely remain that way for many years to come.

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