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#4 Mask

When people think of a face mask, they usually imagine “me time”. It’s something that can’t be rushed, which creates a welcomed opportunity to slow down, take a moment, and relax. What some clients may not know is that mask treatments can do what other skincare products can’t and they’re more advanced than ever.

Deep Skin Rescue

Masks are a treatment in the truest sense of the word. They’re used as-needed to correct specific skin concerns right then and there. Most types of masks, including Sands rinse-off formulas, are designed to be applied generously to the skin and then removed after a period of time, which allows the mask to be much more powerful than a leave-on product. The thicker layer of product locks concentrated actives against the skin for intense absorption and deeper reach into the pores.

Balance and Replenish

Though modern medical-grade mask formulas typically offer various benefits at once, they tend to fall into one of two major categories: Clarifying masks or Hydrating masks. Sands offers both kinds to fits your needs.

Sands O2 Lift Mask with Vitacell® botanical yeast complex and glycerin is an oxygen-activating mask which boosts essential hydration to visibly lift and plump tired skin. Excellent for revitalizing face, neck, and back of hands.

Benefits include:

  • Immediately replenishes moisture to dehydrated skin

  • Dramatically enhancing vibrancy, elasticity, and firmness

  • Imparts velvety texture and healthy radiance

  • Perfect for mature/hormonal skin, post procedure, and air travel

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