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As a skin care professional, I make it my personal pride to help every client create their own daily hygiene routine to get the best results for their skin. Clients may not see how important the act of exfoliation is when trying to make their faces beautiful and clear, but exfoliation is an essential part of preventing breakouts and removing dirt and excess oil that cleaning just can’t extract. Just a few rounds of exfoliating in a person’s weekly routine will open anyone’s eyes to the benefits of exfoliating regularly.

Exfoliating Reduced Breakouts and Minimize Pores

Most clients recognize that one of the big benefits of exfoliating the face is clearing out the pores, but there is also a lasting effect of regular exfoliation which is worth the extra effort. Scrubbing or peeling the dead skin, dirt, and excess oil out of the pores can reduce acne breakouts and blemishes. This unclogging will reduce the size of those pores in the process by removing the dirt that makes them appear larger. Just two to four sessions of exfoliating a week with one of Sands Advanced Skincare’s at-home peels like our Sands Glycolic Gel can improve the overall presence of your pores.

Smooth Out Skin Texture

Scrubbing or peeling away the dead scaly skin layers from your face speeds up the process of skin renewal. Basic washing alone can’t fully refresh your skin. Helping clients understand how necessary exfoliation is to get smooth, even skin, free of blemishes is important when promoting good skin care routines. Smooth skin can make makeup application easier and more pleasing to the eye. It can even improve your skin tone by evening out your skin’s pigmentation and bringing out a healthy glow.

Reduce Signs of Aging

As patients age, they will start to notice their skin drying as wrinkles start to form. Dry dead skin accentuates the imperfections and lines in aging skin and makes it harder to conceal. Even makeup on the wrinkles can make them more apparent as it lays on top of the dead skin and creates a ‘layering effect’ that brings it forward. The benefits of exfoliating aging skin are clear once you see wrinkles become less apparent even when you are wearing no makeup at all.

Using exfoliators like Sands Advanced Skincare’s Sands Resurface Crème can also brighten skin and lighten age spots, making your skin look more youthful.

Helps to Absorb Other Products

Leaving a layer of dead skin and dirt on the surface of your face can make it hard for the other products used in a daily cleansing routine to be absorbed. This can reduce the effects of the other products your are using on a daily basis. By exfoliating, you can get better results faster. The pores on the skin will take in moisturizers and cleansers more easily and skin quality improvement efforts will be more effective.

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